Author:Julien Cheron

Ottawa Video Production

A Few Things About Editing

Premiere Pro Tips Whether you’re editing an interview or the next Oscar worthy motion picture, when you’re dealing with an editing process, there needs to be a proper and efficient way to go from step A to Z. This process, method, procedure, or whatever you’d like...


Into the great OSMO

It was about 5 years ago that I stepped into the mega B&H store in New York City. My mission: to purchase the almighty GlideCam HD-4000 and its accompanying bells and whistles. I thought to myself: “This was it!” I’d finally be able to get...


A 5D Raw Adventure

[gallery type="slideshow" crop="nocrop" width="full" link="none" ids="901"] It doesn't feel that long ago that RED released their ONE camera, a camera that would change the landscape out in Hollywood, no less the filmmaking world. In 2006 when the ONE was announced at NAB, there were numerous cameras...


Opus Cinematography

I must emphasize that Joseph Truong really excels at crafting stories with exotic locations while filmmaking, and when he had asked me about coming on board for an adventure that would span from the plains of Africa to France’s Côte-d’Azur, I knew early on I’d...