Author:Joseph Truong

Ottawa Video Production

Motivation of A Director

I’ve left a dreaded corporate job to dedicate the hours to the benign, to all things kind and gentle. The word creative is all too often used in my day to day and within my profession. Yet, I don’t believe I’ve ever thought of it or...

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NBA – The Arts and Youths

When a gesture of encouragement is made, be it from person to person or a large multinational corporation to a small community, the effects are often similar and positive. In 2015, the NBA in collaboration with VIBE Arts, a Toronto based charitable organization, funded an art...


Budapest and the Story

There, again I sat thinking about all the things, reasons, lives and histories of this city, of Budapest. On that thin, wobbling coffee table, my camera and a little book by Ishiguro. In that moment and to myself, I was consumed by people. The lives...