Ottawa Video Production

Cinematography and Magic

“The means of expression can become so exquisitus that you wind up expressing nothing.” Dai Vernon quoting Da Vinci. What does film have in common with magic? It can be easy to lose ourselves in acquiring the newest shiny piece of gear without achieving mastery of what we...


Into the great OSMO

It was about 5 years ago that I stepped into the mega B&H store in New York City. My mission: to purchase the almighty GlideCam HD-4000 and its accompanying bells and whistles. I thought to myself: “This was it!” I’d finally be able to get...


A Slow-Mo Introduction

  2016 started off with a bang as our team grew with new talent and energy. Joining us are Anita (photographer) and Stefan (cinematographer). Both passionate individuals, their creativity and personalities add to CSS’ strength. But what’s better; work became even more fun and exciting. As we...