Ottawa Video Production

A Few Things About Editing

Premiere Pro Tips Whether you’re editing an interview or the next Oscar worthy motion picture, when you’re dealing with an editing process, there needs to be a proper and efficient way to go from step A to Z. This process, method, procedure, or whatever you’d like...


Into the great OSMO

It was about 5 years ago that I stepped into the mega B&H store in New York City. My mission: to purchase the almighty GlideCam HD-4000 and its accompanying bells and whistles. I thought to myself: “This was it!” I’d finally be able to get...


A 5D Raw Adventure

[gallery type="slideshow" crop="nocrop" width="full" link="none" ids="901"] It doesn't feel that long ago that RED released their ONE camera, a camera that would change the landscape out in Hollywood, no less the filmmaking world. In 2006 when the ONE was announced at NAB, there were numerous cameras...