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Grid Canadian Shield | CIRA

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The Platform for the Car | BlackBerry

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Cryptocurrencies | Bank of Canada

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Recollective | Recollective

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Video Production For Product Marketers - CIRA

The CIRA product marketing team identified their target market as tech-savvy individuals. Working closely with CIRA, we developed concepts that were aligned with their in-depth knowledge of the product and target market.

We sought to develop a targeted ad for each persona group without alienating the general public. We very quickly gravitated to the idea of personifying internet threats like malware and phishing - bringing prying eyes like multinational corporations and Internet Service Providers into the living rooms of the average Canadian. Weaving in CIRA’s tongue-in-cheek Canadiana brand was a real joy, as we got to play with lumberjacks, maple syrup, and other more subtle nods to longstanding Canadian household names.

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Video Production for Product Marketers - Blackberry QNX

Today, BlackBerry QNX autonomous drive technology can be found in more than 40 different automakers, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford, and Volkswagen.

The request was to create a series of videos for CES presentation as well as online marketing. Working with QNX's lead product marketer and the wider product team, we developed a unique identity for the autonomous story to be told using a mixture of live action, 2D, and 3D assets. Live action interviews or voice overs were used as a basis to tell the story.

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Explainer Video For Bank of Canada Museum

The terms ‘Cryptocurrencies’, ‘Blockchain’, and ‘FinTech’ have all been gaining popularity in the public sphere. The Bank of Canada is at the forefront of all financial underpinnings that effect us day-to-day. They understand Canadians are very much interested in these new technologies, and have set their sights on providing education on the topic.

The ask was to create four videos in English and French answering the following questions: What are cryptocurrencies?, How to buy cryptocurrencies?, How to earn cryptocurrencies?, and How to pay with cryptocurrencies?

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Item 4 Recollective

Video Production - Animated Explainer Video - Recollective

Recollective is an online qualitative research software. It powers innovative online research projects and long term communities, enabling over 500 organizations around the world to quickly unlock insights and drive success.

Cloud in the Sky Studios was approached to produce a feature product video that can illustrate the breadth of the software and its services.

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