During a recent visit to my optometrist, I met Evelyn and Catherine, the two girls at reception. When Evelyn asked what I did for work, the topic of photography and videography surfaced. She told me the story of her sister Anita’s wedding. Anita and her husband had booked a photographer after meeting him – he was recommended by their venue. Their personalities clicked and despite not seeing his work, they hired him for their wedding.

On the big day, things took a surprising turn. The photographer placed Anita and her husband in unnatural poses despite their advance requests not to do so. They were now stuck with cheesy photos and Evelyn repeatedly stressed this was not who they were. So what happened next?

They got married, went on their honeymoon and received their photos when they returned. Until this day, the photos remain out of sight – all except for one that hangs in their living room. This one, they’re okay with.

So why is this story important? Because every experience holds valuable lessons.

With that, here are 4 tips for finding your perfect photographer and videographer.

1. What’s your style? There are mamy talented photographers and videographers to choose from. Find one that matches your style.

Photography styles include:

  • documentary/photojournalistic – this style captures candid moments of you and your guests. Photos are taken in a spontaneous and unobtrusive way to capture your day as it unfolds.
  • traditional – relies on a more structured approach. The photographer generally follows a pre-defined set list, concentrating on key moments and group shots.
  • editorial – if you love fashion then this one’s for you. Think magazines like Vogue. The outcome is dramatic and stunning shots. This style requires a lot of poses and the photos are meant to make bold statements.


Videography styles include:

  • documentary/photojournalistic – captures candid moments of you and your guests. Videos are filmed in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. The videographer will use their experience to tell your story with the raw, emotional moments captured. The video is edited in a linear fashion.
  • cinematic – this style delivers a video that’s filmed and edited like a Hollywood movie, and can blend into the documentary approach. These videos often feature b-roll (supplementary footage of your day) to elevate the emotions and stories captured. Emphasis is also placed on selecting the right music – sound strongly impacts how we feel.


2. Be the judge. A portfolio will give you a clear idea of the style and quality you’ll receive. So scroll through those photos and play those videos. Passion leads to talent and you really do have a lot to choose from.

3. Know your photographer/videographer. Do your personalities match? Do you share the same vision and style? Get to know your photographer or videographer – whether it’s in person, on the phone or video calls. Learn about who they are and their approach. If you get along, it’ll be a fun and enjoyable experience…everyone’s dream!

4. What’s your budget? Depending on coverage and experience, photo and video packages can range from $1500 to $5000. The adage, “you get what you pay for”, applies. Obviously, know what you can afford but make sure you also get what you want. Weddings are special milestones that happen once in a lifetime.

If you’re planning your wedding then we hope this post helps. Do your research, take your time and have fun with it! Remember to ask around for suggestions. Many couples have been where you are now and would be happy to help.

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