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The Studio and The Team

Established in 2010, Cloud in the Sky Studios is a creative video production company based in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada. Using experiential storytelling, we help companies deliver authentic and engaging brand experiences. We have written, directed, produced, and filmed video marketing campaigns, commercials, human interest videos, music videos, fashion editorials and short films.

We are a growing family of artists, writers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, designers, and editors. We encourage all creatives to collaborate.

We stemmed from our collective addiction to discover, tell stories, and create. Although our start was a humble one, we knew that with dedication, creativity, and hard work, we could achieve the highest standard of filmmaking. Thus, it became our relentless pursuit. We invite you to grow with us as we achieve new heights.

Joseph Truong
Chief Creative Director

As a creative content marketing professional, film director and writer, Joseph is motivated to captivate audiences with subtle emotions and artful cinematography. Joseph has spent the last decade as a content creator and has led many national marketing campaigns and video production projects. “With filmmaking, I am realizing my aspiration for storytelling. I’m privileged to be on this path of limitless possibilities, I look forward to meeting you on this journey.”

Julien Cheron
Head of Production

At the age of 10, using no more than little green army men, a VHS camcorder, and an endless backyard, Julien attempted to capture what his imagination had to share. As it would be, he came to see how there were so many moments and perspectives in life that could be measured and how they could be uniquely interpreted and captured in a moving frame. His formal education comes from the University of Ottawa in Psychology, and that learning has influenced his storytelling and has carved for him a unique way of filming and editing. “I consider myself fortunate to do what I love, and I always look forward to working with talented people! I have a passion to share knowledge I’ve learned along the way so don’t hesitate to ask!” He pulls inspiration from the people, architecture, and nature around him, always focusing on the beauty and truth hidden in plain sight. Julien has represented the company in the areas of cinematography, editing, and producing.

Galaxy Phan
Marketing & World Wide Strategist

Always with a smile and positivity, Galaxy is passionate about working with people and inspiring others. Her propensity for new experiences and growth have opened many doors including those to Cloud in the Sky. She’s renowned for her work ethic, and ability to build meaningful relationships with partners and clients. Her background includes project management, marketing and information systems. When she's not working, she's transporting rescue dogs, weight training and boxing. Through life and work, she takes the holistic approach. One day, Galaxy hopes to film in a faraway place, perhaps the Ursa Minor constellation.

Skyler Michaels
Art Director

Creative Director. Motion Designer. Storyteller. From conceptualization to precision execution down to the final key frame, Skyler envelops all things design and storytelling.
A ten-year veteran of the design world, Skyler expertly pilots projects from the seed of an idea through final delivery and distribution. His clients are drawn to his passion and vision, but they stay loyal to his personal brand because of his infectious, unaffected approach to collaboration – in short, Skyler takes design seriously but not himself. The drama is saved for the screen where it rightfully belongs.

Dom Llanos
Creative Producer

Dom has earned himself a reputation in the industry over the past decade for being a rare breed of "organized creative". They say "idle hands make the devils work", which is a saying that Dom took a little too literally as a child: you can find his hands behind the camera, on the keyboard in the edit suite, or frequently on a fork and knife as he eats his fourth or sixth meal of the day. His appetite is matched only by his passion for bringing out genuine stories through captivating video content. He talks quietly, laughs loudly, and works hard, whether it's on spreadsheets or on that last killer shot of the day.

Brittany Delgaty
Creative Producer

Brittany, a.k.a Britt, is usually the first to blurt out a crazy, larger than life concept and excels at generating unique content ideas. From ideation to storyboarding then filming to designing graphics, Britt is great at seeing a project through making brands stand out with creative content to engage their audience. She’s quick at creating ways to grab attention which suits her bold, cheeky personality and big smile. Fiercely passionate about storytelling and a talent in design, her goal with all projects is to create concepts that have purpose, spark engagement and look good doing it.

Jazmin Katz
Motion Graphic Designer

You can always pinpoint her in a crowd by her big hair, big smile, and quirky laugh. Jazmin believes that life experiences can be a source of inspiration to help craft great stories. Her passion for life is a motor for her motion designs and illustrations. She loves to learn and questions everything. Her drive for learning allows her to never shy away from challenges.

Jesse Mann
Motion Graphic Designer

Jesse began developing his digital illustration skills in early 2014. Since then, he has become a talented artist who has helped produce great artwork for our clients. "I like to create simple illustrations and fun short animations to create stories. I have always been creative, and I want to be able to create things that help and bring joy to others in the process."

Vixay Siriphongphanh
Senior Editor & Resident Magician

Passionate about meticulous attention to details, Vixay takes both his work and personal interests to a high level of practice and commitment. He has been editing for over a decade, and he loves his work. He adopts a “hard now, easy later” attitude towards organization.

Stefan Wetscher
Lead Photographer

Stefan is an energetic professional with a passion for video and photography. His dedication and energy are valued assets on any production as he strives to ensure clients relax and truly enjoy the magic they are creating.

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