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Established in 2010, we have produced over 300 commercials and creative videos for brands and non-profit organizations.

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We are marketing professionals, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors and artists.

What started as search for "video production studios in Ottawa" has morphed into national projects with videos that have been seen by hundreds of thousand of people. Cloud in the Sky approaches every project from scratch - they are strategic, innovative, and open minded and it's because of that approach that they've experienced so much success. Congratulations Joseph and team!

Ron GoldenbergNBA Canada

Not only was Cloud in the Sky a sounding board throughout the process, but if I gave them a rough storyboard they were able to make it infinitely better. I’ve worked with a lot of design agencies and what makes them unique is their ability to work with minimal direction. I didn't have to do a lot of hand-holding. If I told them I think there needs to be a transition slide, they know what that means and would make it happen. I was also really impressed with their versatility in being able to work with both live action and animation.

QNX Product Marketing ManagerBlackBerry QNX

They have a perfect combination of creativity and execution. They are professional in the way they present stories, in their use of color and images, and in terms of music selection. The way they guided us and the interviewees through the process confirmed that Cloud in the Sky was not just repeating a script. They did their research for each of the projects, tailored the questions to each one, and extracted all the human elements of each story, all thanks to their insightful creativity.

Daniel Cervan-GilGlobal Centre for Pluralism

I had the pleasure of working with Jo & his team on a commercial project for my company. Their work is excellent, plain and simple. Be it storyboarding, creative development, filming, or post-editing, the entire team executed the entire video project perfectly. Plus they're very communicative so I knew what to expect along each stage of the video development process. I especially like how they are wonderful to work with, both as professionals and people. Highly recommend!

Wilson HungKettle & Fire

Turnaround time is always ahead of schedule from what I know. If it’s not going to be, they’re very clear about when things can be expected. Communication is great. For those videos, there was usually a lot of emails, but if anything was unclear, they would reach out to me right away to clarify. They’re really good at simple communications, not cluttering things up, but just making sure they understand so they can produce the best product.

Meghan DuncanNAV Canada

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