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Captivating Video Production for Communications Directors!

Hi there 👋 We’re Cloud in the Sky. We help communication directors like you tell brand stories that inspire.

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Whatever Your Story, We’ll Help You Tell It.
From the NBA to some of Canada’s biggest tech firms, we’ve spent the last decade helping communication directors like you tell the stories that matter.

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Employee Recognition videos

Give Star Employees a Moment They’ll Never Forget

Picture this: your star employees, surrounded by friends & colleagues, celebrating their achievements on the big screen. Sound appealing? Good, because we love making these moments happen.

We use empathy to bring your employees’ stories to the surface. Then, using a little love and film-industry magic, we bring these stories to life. In the end, you get a moving video that inspires employees and attracts talent.

Corporate Culture videos

Attract & Retain Talent with an Inspiring Mission

We live in an age where everyone wants to be a part of something meaningful. Something bigger than themselves.

We’ll work closely with you to understand that special something that makes your company unique. Then, we’ll wrap it all into a stirring story, so you can inspire the next generation of superstars to help you change the world.

Watch our
featured video

Watch our
featured video

Public Relation videos

Tell Stories That Inspire the Public

Your company is special. Your employees are making a difference. It’s time to tell the world.

Whether celebrating company milestones or community involvement, we’ll help you shape the company narrative with documentary-style videos that tell your story.

Internal Communication videos

Internal Communication Videos: Ignite Staff Unity and Success

Our tailored internal communication videos empower your communication professionals with engaging tools to unite and inspire your workforce. These videos bridge gaps, convey essential messages, and foster cohesion, ensuring that your enterprise’s heartbeat remains steady and vibrant.

Training videos

Fueling Enterprise Success through Skill Enhancement

Training videos, another cornerstone of our expertise, equip your communication professionals with the ability to empower your teams. By delivering comprehensive training materials through compelling videos, we elevate your workforce’s skills and knowledge, paving the way for excellence and efficiency.

Full Production Services


Creative Concept, Scripting, Storyboarding, and Casting


Crew, Camera, Light, Location, and Set-design


Editing, Music, Motion-graphics, Sound Design

2D and 3D Animation

In-house Animation Department for 2D and 3D Videos

Nation-wide Filming

A Nationwide Network of Crew and Front of Camera Talents

International Filming

We’ve Traveled and Filmed in over 6 Continents

Our Passion is Helping You Succeed



Videos Produced
  • Employee Recognition Videos
  • PR Videos
  • Corporate Overview Videos
  • Internal Comms Videos
  • Corporate Culture Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Explainer Videos

“We’ve had lots of people come forward and ask who we worked with to do those videos… Cloud In The Sky is very good at storytelling in a way that’s not fluffy and froufrou, yet can take something very technical and tell the story in a more palatable way.”

Communications Specialist,




Videos Produced
  • Corporate Culture Videos
  • Brand Ads
  • Product Ads
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Internal Comms Videos
  • HR Videos

“From the beginning, we were impressed with how they understood the story we wanted to tell. They added their own creativity but focused on making something that resonated with us.”

Corporate Communications,




Videos Produced
  • Branded Ads
  • Persona Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Product Explainers
  • Product Ads
  • Trade-show Videos
  • Case Study Videos
  • Testimonial Videos

“We finished AHEAD OF SCHEDULE with an amazing finished product. Our CEO said it was the best marketing video he’s seen from our company!”

Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing,


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