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Three types of marketing videos that are successful during the COVID pandemic.

By June 16, 2020July 15th, 2020No Comments

Around the world, marketers have been rallying and adapting to our collective challenge. Right now, all eyes are online, and video communication is crucial to staying engaged with customers and even motivating employees. With the physical distancing and working-from-home procedures, marketers are having serious questions on how to best proceed when it comes to video content creation.

We would like to share 3 key video storytelling styles that we have successfully used during this time to help marketers and communications teams continue to engage with their audience effectively and deliver global content remotely, all the while staying socially responsible and physically distant.

1. 2D and 3D Animation Videos: Engage with your audience with this powerful storytelling tool

Animation has been an important medium to tell engaging and unique stories ever since the turn of the 20th century. It is the preferred choice of brands looking to explain a complex idea in a very digestible manner. There are many forms of animation available, which can be tailored and customized to suit your unique messaging.

More than just your standard 2D infographic animation, today’s new-aged animation leverages beautiful illustrations, motion graphics, and even 3D or perspective alterations to keep your viewer captivated. A strong story bolsters the imagery, and the imagery supports the narrative. No idea where to start? Not a problem, as our talented creative team has plenty of experience. We have worked with recognized brands such as BlackBerry and Kinaxis.

Here are two great examples of what we’ve done for CAP (Congress of Aboriginal Peoples) and CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority):


2. Repurpose Content: Transform existing footage or use stock footage for new content

The shelf life of existing footage does not have to be limited to its original project. Under a new story or narrative, the same footage adopts a completely new meaning.

You are able to wield these existing assets and boldly express your brand story to keep your audience engaged. This completely eliminates the need for travel and saves cost on filming. Music, voice-over, and editing can then be all done remotely, and a standard feedback process can be streamlined to produce the video on-time and on-budget.

Have a need for a more unique brand experience? By combining the pre-existing assets with a live-action socially distanced filmed narrative, you are able to bring your story to a new level.

Here are two great examples of using stock footage with a mixture of animation or live-action that we did for Kinaxis:


3. Collaborate Remotely: Shoot anywhere, without the travel

Our capable and well-equipped team can collaborate with you remotely to capture necessary footage, without the presence of a large film crew. Certain projects may still require the need to capture footage on location and there are multiple ways to minimize physical proximity for everyone involved.

While you may be restricted to travel, we are more than capable to suggest or follow a shot list, as well as work with you while you manage everything remotely. You may also decide to engage your own colleagues to film or take photos with their own cameras. The recorded media can then be sent to us for later post-production.

We pride ourselves on ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We can adhere to physical distancing recommendations by limiting crew size to 1 person on-site, making sure to sanitize our equipment before and after filming, and following smart hygiene and social distancing guidelines that will go a long way to ensure a happy and safe environment for everyone.

Here is a recent example we did for Canadian North by having employees film themselves, take photos, and using a person crew to capture certain key b-roll:

A DAY IN OUR LIVES, Canadian North

Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Audience

With powerful animation techniques, repurposed or stock footage, and remote collaboration, you can connect and showcase your unique messages, from anywhere, to anyone. With these 3 key storytelling styles, you will then be able to engage with your audience at a reasonable and affordable cost. At Cloud and the Sky Studios, we strive to tell your stories. Contact us to see how we can share yours.

Stay safe!

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