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We’re Cloud in the Sky, a video production company. For over a decade we’ve helped marketers and creatives like you in the GTA tell inspiring stories. Our success is measured by the beauty of our videos and the relationships we build and keep.

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The Work We Do

Live Action
Motion Graphic

Product Ads and Corporate Videos

Inspire Your Audience

Product commercials or narrative ads are made to capture an audience’s attention, it appeals to your audience by evoking humour or emotions. Creating brand awareness and recognition.

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Animation and Explainer Videos

Inform with Art

A strong story bolsters the imagery, and the imagery supports the narrative.

Animation and explainer videos are the preferred choice of brands looking to explain a complex idea in a very digestible manner.  More than just your standard 2D infographic animation, today’s new-aged animation leverages beautiful illustrations, motion graphics, and even 3D or perspective alterations to keep your viewer captivated.

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Our producer and creative team can bring your ideas to life in a seamless way. Reach out to us to see how we can help.


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