I met Sylvain and Natalie at their gorgeous home in the east end of Ottawa for some tea and dessert. I didn’t feel well that evening, so I took Natalie up on her offer to try the immune booster tea. Call me a believer because I felt great the next day! #grateful

Right off the bat I could tell there were some serious feels going on between these two, and this really came through in their engagement photos. These guys truly love each other and I can safely say not much direction was needed when capturing them. If there’s two things I love it’s golden hour and passionate couples.

The day of the engagement session was unreal. I was running a little bit behind (not cool) and driving through some intense rain storms to get to our first location, which was a family home located downtown on the most charming street. The rain was so bad that I got a call from Natalie wondering if we would still be able to go ahead? Cue the double rainbow that appeared to tell us that yes, the universe was aligning that day.

We had some beautiful sun to work with that day and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have caught some precious moments for these two love birds.

I cannot wait to see you guys on your wedding day!    



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