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An open letter to our current

and future friends.

Looking at our portfolio now, it seems as though the years have blurred and all the wonderful memories of people, events, achievements and relationships are all marked by videos and the experience that came with their production.

This theme is the answer to why we continue to appreciate wedding films; there is a remarkable amount of human honesty to be had at weddings and this honesty is our primary ingredient when producing our feature films. It is our grounding factor. So like the marriage of two people, filmmaking is our stage to marry human honesty with cinema.

Filmmaking is an integral part of our lives. It has afforded us the opportunity to not only travel around the world, but to work with diverse people with whom all sharing a common theme of love.

Looking to the future, we hope to write more and better creative shorts, produce more breathtaking visuals, work with more creative minds, meet more loving people and most important of all, continue to be grounded in human honesty.

Joseph Truong

Cinematography and Light

An open letter:

I have always admired the dance of shadow and light. A playful intertwine between polar opposites that leads to the formation of a contrast. The emergence of coherent images in our minds from simple shapes, colours, and lines turn out to be slightly different from person to person. To me, this eventuality is providence… beauty.

It was not easy. I had challenges to face in determining if cinematography would be my path or if the sciences and the psychologies would yank me away. It wasn’t until I realized that cinematography was actually a mix between both the sciences and psychology that I finally saw emerging through the shadows, a light.

I’ve always had a passion to film, to create. Storytelling by means of filmmaking was always something that I enjoyed as a young boy. Over the years, in gaining more experience and deepening my dedication towards the craft, I started to develop a certain pallet for framing, shadow, and light.

Now, I could not imagine doing anything else. A mere catchlight in an actor’s eyes draws my attention closer to many questions, e.g., “How is the performance influencing the story?”, “How was this scene lit?”, “How important is this character?”, etc.. The light’s charm has made me see life through many perspectives. I am now compelled to paint through framing, shadow, and light.

Allow me to tell your story visually, through light.
Julien Chéron

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