Client: Canadian North

Project: Canadian North Toy Drive Social Campaign

Requirements: 2 minute video celebrating Nunavut communities and highlighting the annual Toy Drive provided by the team and staff at Canadian North in partnership with Canada Goose.

Before the opportunity to film up north, when I thought of Nunavut I imagined a few things: ice, polar bears, vast landscapes, and being cold. And I was right, but there is so much more. My time in Iqaluit, though a brief 40 hours, was an experience like no other. The community, the country food, the warm and welcoming people, the beautiful language Inuktitut and stark scenery – it is almost hard to believe you are in Canada. Communities are so important in these Northern regions and are especially important to Canadian North, the now main airline.

“The only way to travel in the North is by plane.” says our client, Shelly, the Community Investments Coordinator at Canadian North who grew up in Kuujjuaq, Nunavut. Now that First Air and Canadian North have merged as one company, the team and staff want the communities to know that they will be working hard for them. “We want to make sure we are taking care of the communities we serve, and we’re working on different initiatives to do that.” Shelly adds. The Canadian North Toy Drive is one of these initiatives. 

The holiday season is largely celebrated in the North, with traditional dances that last into the early hours of the morning, and feasts to share. Canadian North’s Toy Drive started last year and was a great success in partnership with Canada Goose, another company that deeply values the North and the communities that make it so special. Together, they provided toys for children and materials to sew parkas in three communities. And they are doing it again this year, this time creating a social video campaign to highlight the impact. 

“The issue isn’t that there aren’t any toys,” Shelly explains, “it’s that there aren’t whole toy departments because there’s just not enough people here to support that. So, for example, Frozen Two just came out. I highly doubt there will be any Frozen Two dolls or toys available here, so I was able to get some of those special gifts to bring back for little boys and girls.” 

Learning how isolation can impact your resources, not just toys but food and essential supplies, makes you realize how important Canadian North’s services are for these communities. The opportunity to tell this story and its impact is such an honour and an unforgettable experience. Itis always a bonus to have a client that cares so much about the work they do and the people they help – it makes the work that much more meaningful. 

Since my return, I have been telling all my friends and family to take a trip up North at least once. Now having experienced Iqaluit, one of the 25 communities, I want to go back and visit more. If you get the opportunity to go, eat the Narwhal – it keeps you warm.


  • story consultation
  • creative brief
  • planning
  • filming
  • design
  • editing
  • compositing
  • music score
  • sound FX
  • colour grading
  • licensing