The Client

CIRA – Canadian Internet Registration Authority

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) are the people behind Canada’s Internet; they manage .CA domains on behalf of all Canadians and work to build a better online Canada.

The Request

While many Canadians are familiar with CIRA (or at the very least, the .CA domain), most of the general public is likely unaware that the organization exists as a not-for-profit, with the mission of reinvesting millions of dollars per year back into the Canadian digital infrastructure, online safety initiatives and internet policy. This program, called Net Good, has been a core part of the organization’s mission for decades, but has never been advertised by CIRA itself.

CIRA’s Net Good team approached us with the initial request of developing ‘success stories’ of Canadian groups who had benefited from this investment, or to otherwise promote the good that CIRA does in many communities across the country.

The Approach

Early in discovery with the Net Good team we realized there was an opportunity to develop a campaign that transcended individual success stories. The breadth of work the Net Good team does is actually quite difficult to convey through the experiences of a few individuals, as it ranges from government policy to technical data security programs, internet access point investment, and per-project grants, which can cover a variety of subjects. Our team felt that it would be most effective to “introduce” the Canadian public to Net Good through one general video that spoke more to the mission of the organization than the specificity of the work they do.

Through further discussion we settled on an inspirational approach, writing a script that spoke to the key elements of the Net Good mission and vision, supported by visuals that represented Canadians supported by this program (rural and indigenous communities in particular are most frequently supported by infrastructure initiatives).

Our concept was structured around visuals that could be captured within a two-day shoot, using locations that had multiple potential looks – ultimately settling on three spaces in Hamilton, ON. Our team had the pleasure of collaborating with Nik Pilecki to create a visual tone that balanced the serious with the upbeat, and experimented with some unique angles that would make the viewer feel like they were “inside” the devices at play. Our intention was to keep the pace of the final product fast, to mirror the advancements made by the Net Good program over the years. We used a mix of archival (public domain) footage to help jumpstart the story, and combined the script and visuals with a custom music composition and sound design to polish the final product into place.

The Results

A well-deserved introduction for the Net Good program to the Canadian public, in the form of a tight 66-second video. This video will be used in conferences, events, policy meetings, and on social media to promote CIRA’s cause and drive viewers to learn and engage with the program in the future.


Concepts – CIRA, Cloud in the Sky Studios
Executive Director – Julien Cheron
Director / Editor – Brittany Delgaty
Producer / Colourist– Dom Llanos
Director of Photography – Nik Pilecki
Gaffer – Danny Lau
AC – Laura Rondon, Alice Do
Key Grip – Dave Barrett
Grip – Felipe Varela
Music & Sound Design – Hayden McGowan
UX Design – Jazmin Katz
2D Animation – Jesse Mann
Makeup – Anna Della Zazzera
PA – Jordana Ansel, Bo Urbina, Vincent Pun
Talent – Danelle Charette, Viktor Sadychko, Robyn Sapnu, Solomon Ruan, Yanet Montero, Neha Modgil, Sukh Gill, Steve Kasan, Gabriel Gherutchi, John Pellizzari
Production Equipment Support – SetReady Rentals