The Client

Muse is a brain-sensing headband that uses real-time biofeedback to help you refocus during the day and recover overnight.

Muse 2 and Muse S are the latest headbands designed to help you become your better you.

The Request

What experience does the Muse Headband create? What feelings, emotions and senses are being captured during this experience? InteraXon looked to update their product’s asset library for both photos and video and our teams saw an opportunity to explore these ideas through lighting cues and transitions.

Keeping within an established brand presence, our team saw the potential in creating atmospheres that are both light and dark themes. This not only added variety to the product, but could create interesting visuals while transitioning from one to the other.

Project Scope – Library of video & photo assets for product launch
Pre-Production and Production Services – Concept co-development, Filming, Photographing
Format – Live Action & Photos

The Approach

The Muse product marketing team and Cloud in the Sky Studios’ team identified an opportunity to creatively tell the story of a new key feature coming to Muse S, Digital Sleeping Pill.

The Digital Sleeping Pill (DSP) feature is designed to detect minute changes in brain activity and use them to gently modulate the sleeping experience. If you are to wake in the night, the technology is able to automatically guide you back to sleep again.

Through subtle visual and lighting cues, DSP and the benefits of using the Muse devices were made apparent. Instilling a feeling of calmness and confidence in the device to help the user feel more relaxed.

The Result

The videos and photos are now being used to market and promote Muse 2 and Muse S.


Concepts – InteraXon, Cloud in the Sky Studios
Director – Howard Gordon
Photographer – Andre Stringari
Director of Photography – Ian Carleton
Photo Assistant – Catherine Guarini
Gaffer – Benjamin Rayner
Key Grip – Olivier Surprenant
DMT – Pablo Perez
HMU – Rachel Hilton
Stylist – Charlene Akuamoah