The Client


In today’s society where understanding your customer is everything, no other research method is as instrumental as a qualitative research approach. Through meaningful interactions and observations, qualitative research can be used to understand the views and perceptions of customers and offers an intricate way to uncover insights into their inner driving forces.

No other online qualitative research software does this better than Recollective. Recollective is the leading software platform that gives researchers the power of scalable qualitative research methods and to reach participants anywhere around the world.

The Request

Recollective includes a full suite of capabilities, from qualitative to quantitate tasks, asynchronous activities to live one-on-one and group video chat. A number of tasks are also available for participants to engage in, and whether 10 or 10,000 users, the system is scalable and responsive to maintain a pleasurable experience.

From the researcher’s perspective, the participants’ responses are logged, catalogued, transcribed, analyzed, tabulated, and presented in such a way to uncover insights in a breeze.

This singular video had to speak to the changing landscape of understanding a customer’s behaviour, and highlight how Recollective’s online software allows researchers, from any background, to quickly pinpoint actionable insights that can help a business succeed.

Project Scope – 1 explainer video
Pre-Production and Production Services – Concept development, scripting, storyboarding, 2D animation production
Format – 2D animation

The Approach

The Recollective product marketing team and Cloud in the Sky Studios’ team identified the target audience as research marketers who are looking for a solution to their online qualitative research needs. There was a challenge of capturing the full breadth of the Recollective software and distilling its key features to viewers in a minute of time.

We decided to execute the project in a fully animated medium that allowed for the complexity of the platform to be shown simply and in a fluid way of transitioning from scene to scene (feature to feature). The software can be interacted with via two perspectives, from that of the participant, and from that of the researcher. However, to keep the narrative focused on the software, we wanted to emphasize how the features benefited either end user in general.

The look and feel of the UI and characters had to work seamlessly with not only the current implementation of the Recollective website, but also its future state. Using low fidelity iconography and art style, we were able to be faithful to the Recollective brand identity and also flexible for any future visual changes to the software. The music and sound effects also follow a tech-oriented sound and feel that lend themselves to the overall tone of the video.

The Result

The video now lives on Recollective’s homepage, welcoming researchers from around the world to explore online qualitative research possibilities.


Concepts – Cloud in the Sky Studios
Illustrator – Lex Van Tol & Ramon Avelino
Animator – Justin Wotherspoon
Sound Designer – Hayden McGowan