The Client

Canadian North’s mission is to be the premier air carrier serving Northern Canada. The company takes great pride in the role they play in the northern communities. It also has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and operates its flights with a goal of minimizing its impact on the environment.

The Request

Thousands of people around Canada’s arctic rely on Canadian North Airlines year-round for transportation services, food and mail delivery, healthcare supplies, and more. The airline approached us with the goal of reintroducing themselves to Canadians under a new brand – not only to promote the many services they offer, but also to encourage the audience to explore the north and the rich culture of the people who live there. Over the course of six months the Cloud in the Sky team made several trips to Iqaluit and smaller communities in Nunavut to capture the lives and customs of people who call the arctic their home. The team worked closely with community members, airport staff, and the airline to showcase the beautiful landscape and culture that forms the undercurrent of this major brand.


Concepts – Cloud in the Sky Studios
Directors – Brittany Delgaty
Director of Photography – Dominic Llanos