The Client: Diving Plongeon Canada(DPC) is the Canadian federation of diving in Canada. They host international events, manage diving clubs across Canada and prepare both junior and senior national teams to compete on the world stage every year.

The Project
The We Fly web series is special for us because it serves as a culmination of almost five years of content captured for DPC. Past projects range from 30 second event teasers all the way to 30 minute broadcast documentaries, and every year we shoot far more footage than we could ever use in one video alone. This project gives us the opportunity to show Canadians what DPC has established since the Rio 2016 Olympics, and encourage parents and communities to join and/or  get involved with the sport.
The Approach
Using a mix of interviews with various members of DPC’s extended family (junior and senior divers, coaches, alumni, officials, even parents), each episode will focus on one topic related to DPC’s brand pillars. Examples include excellence, courage, and mindset. Supporting footage will be pulled from our extensive archive of training and event coverage.
Ultimately, this series must strike a balance between showing the sport as challenging but accessible to newcomers, graceful but powerful, self-focused but family-driven. We want the beauty of the sport to sine through in the tone of each episode, while maintaining a genuine tone – these are all real people, at the end of the day.
The Team
  • Skyler Michaels, Director & Lead Editor
  • Julien Cheron, Director of Photography (A-Roll)
  • Dominic Llanos, Director of Photography (B-Roll) / Assistant Editor
  • Brittany Delgaty, Camera (B-Roll)
  • Joseph Truong, Colourist


  • story consultation
  • creative brief
  • planning
  • filming
  • design
  • editing
  • compositing
  • music score
  • sound FX
  • colour grading
  • licensing