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Product Explainer Videos

Show Prospects Why Your Product Rocks

Nothing generates demand like a good product explainer.

We’ll work closely with your team to understand your product & personas. Then we’ll use innovative & time-tested film techniques to simplify technical concepts and supercharge your product messaging. In the end, you get a polished video you can use on your website, landing pages, and more.

Product Video Ads

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way

Like firm handshakes, good video ads make lasting impressions.

We’ll condense your product story into short pre-roll ads that reach your prospects on YouTube & video players across the web. These can be humorous, inspiring, or serious ways to raise awareness.

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Persona Explainer Videos

Personalization is a Buzzword for a Reason

We know that B2B software sales is complex. That’s why we help you craft personalized product stories for each of your key personas. Because once the whole buying committee’s onboard? That’s when the real magic happens.

Product Demo Videos

Your Sales Reps Will Love These

We’ll combine product footage with animation, motion graphics, or even live action to captivate your customers and show how your product helps them. Your BDRs and account execs can share these when phone calls aren’t an option.

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Testimonial Videos

Social Proof: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

Celebrating customer wins is a great way to push late-stage opportunities over the finish line.

We’ll record interviews of your customers recounting how your product has changed their companies (and their lives) for the better. Then, we’ll apply some post-production magic until the story really hits home.

Our Passion is Helping You Succeed.

“We finished AHEAD OF SCHEDULE with an amazing finished product. Our CEO said it was the best marketing video he’s seen from our company!”

-Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Kinaxis

“The internal comments I’ve heard anecdotally are that we’ve never had better videos and each video they produce is better than the last. Our product and sales managers say that the product videos have contributed greatly to helping sell products.”

-Marketing Communications Manager, BlackBerry QNX

“From the beginning, we were impressed with how they understood the story we wanted to tell. They added their own creativity but focused on making something that resonated with us.”

-Corporate Communications, CIRA

“We’ve had lots of people come forward and ask who we worked with to do those videos… Cloud In The Sky is very good at storytelling in a way that’s not fluffy and froufrou, yet can take something very technical and tell the story in a more palatable way.”

-Communications Specialist, NAV CANADA

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