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Our answer was no…..

Recently, we’ve received emails from companies looking to free up our time. Time, that according to them, is not well spent, and said activity should be outsourced to them for completion. In other words, there is limited value in us completing this tedious task.

Their proposed workflow is simple. We upload our raw footage, they edit and within days, they deliver the final video. End result – we don’t waste our resources with this time consuming task.

Note. If someone claims they can edit our video and provide a polished product in days, we strongly suspect that what we receive will not meet our standards. Between curating the footage; editing to create the story that truly reflects our client; music; audio; colour correction; and graphics, that is a lot to complete within a few days, and deliver at the quality we and our clients expect.


Here’s 3 reasons why we edit in-house.

1. It all starts with you. The planning and filming we do contributes to the grand vision we built for you (the client) and your story. Our vision is based on our time with you and in partnership with you. The time we spend understanding who you are, your passion and goals directly contributes to the storyboard, filming techniques and equipment required. More importantly, it contributes to how your video is edited.

If we were to outsource the editing to someone who’s never met you and knows nothing about your product, service or story, what would the final video look like? Would that same connection we were striving for be present? Would the intended message be delivered?

It’s like asking a stranger to write your life story based on social media posts and online articles. They don’t speak to you to understand who you are and what’s important to you. In the end, it’s likely your story will be an incomplete and inaccurate reflection of you, your life and what influenced your decisions. The personal details would be missing and this is what allows others to connect with you.

At Cloud in the Sky, we strongly believe that to produce a video that truly reflects you, we have to really know you. And that comes with our chats over coffee, on the phone or in-person.

2. Creative control. As creators, it’s important to have creative control of our product. Otherwise, it’s someone else’s creation. It’s also key to ensuring the vision and story are delivered as planned with the style and aesthetics required. These elements define a creator’s work. It defines your story.

3. Quality control. Every stage of video production affects quality. From the storyboarding to the filming to the editing. The only way for us to deliver a high quality product is to ensure quality in each stage. That’s hard to do if we outsource editing to someone who wasn’t involved in the earlier stages.

Our ultimate goal is to make you happy and produce your story with the attention it deserves.

If you have a story to tell, let us know how we can help. We’d love to meet you!

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