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We are proud of Almonte. When we received the call from the NBA to discover and produce this little video, we had no idea that we’d be working with one of the most endearing communities in Canada.

It is hard to believe that the birth place of Dr. James Naismith, founder of basketball has but one accessible, public basketball court. Furthermore, the court was in desperate need of restoration.

Inspired by Sarah Spinks’ passion for the sport, Almonte rallied together in hopes to restore this one court. NBA and Bell Canada heard their cause.

Dr. Naismith wanted basketball to be a sport for all, a sport of inclusion. With this project, Almonte is celebrating this profound philosophy.

Congratulations Almonte, your story has garnered over half a million views in under 24 hours on Facebook, TSN, and played at the Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Raptors.

We are proud and privileged to have worked on this project with you.

What a community. Thank you.


A special thank you to Jeff Mills of the Mills Community Support for spearheading this project.



Follow Sarah’s story at: TSN

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