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When a gesture of encouragement is made, be it from person to person or a large multinational corporation to a small community, the effects are often similar and positive.

In 2015, the NBA in collaboration with VIBE Arts, a Toronto based charitable organization, funded an art project for under resourced communities within the Greater Toronto Area. The purpose, to bring the arts to the youths. Some 350 children from 30 schools were selected to create 60 distinct murals depicting the passion behind basketball. These murals were then placed in 31 TTC subway stations across the city.

In November of 2015, the NBA wanted to work with Cloud in the Sky Studios to produce a national PR campaign for the All-Star weekend, this time telling the story of one particular under-resourced community; George Harvey Collegiate Institute. This was a major opportunity for us. Beyond the brand association, we had the good fortune of telling an inspiring story of the youths and the people who elevate them.

With this project, we were able to spend time with the youths in their environments, from classrooms to art rooms to the courts. Through this experience, we learned just how much of an impact basketball and the arts have on these communities. Furthermore, we became acquainted with passionate adults whom dedicate their work to supporting the younger generation.

The campaign launched on NBA Global, NBA Canada, TSN and various other mediums on Saturday morning of the All-Star weekend. It was a success.


Cloud in the Sky Studios – Ottawa and Toronto Video Production Company


2015 marked a memorable year for Cloud in the Sky Studios, this project and its people are the highlight of our work.

Thank you to the NBA for the rare opportunity, and thank you to the youths for adding meaning behind our art.

In celebration of the NBA All-Star Game 2016, the hand-painted murals were put on display in 31 TTC subway stations across Toronto. They can be viewed at the platform level until the end of February.


Learn more about this project: Vibe Arts , The Star

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